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Plug and Play Power Systems

OCC offers a wide variety of Plug and Play power systems that any handy DIY’er can install in their rig with the help of our OCC instructions and install team. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself we offer multiple install services. Each Plug and Play system is mounted to a drop in box that will fit over any drivers side van wheel well and secured inside the van. The install requires securing the power package inside the van and installing the 12v charging accessories and appliances. The power packages take the hassle out of the wiring/sizing/fusing and lets the customer hit the ground running with a full off grid drop in power build.

Each P&P Power Package Includes:

Battle Born Lithium Batteries – providing the best weight/power ratio
Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controller – allowing for solar panel hook ups
Victron Battery to Battery Charger (DC to DC charger) – allowing for alternator charging via the the main engine
Victron Multiplus Pure Sine Inverter/Charger – allowing to charge the batteries via shore power (wall outlet/ campground outlet) and providing 110V for your appliances
Victron Battery Monitor
All Wires, fuses, and connectors needed for the power package are included.
2 Year Builder Warranty on the electrical system.
Small footprint of all components to maximize space in van while running electronics safely.
Installation, pickup, or shipping available.
**Solar Panel mounting options vary from RV to RV and must be purchased and installed seperatly
**Outputs/appliances for 12v and 120v system will need to be purchased and installed sepeartly.
**Components can be substituted on a case by case basis but we build everything standard with Battle Born and Victron components.

Our standard P&P power systems are available below with the detail of each provided. Each system is different and we love to connect with our customers. Please reach out for a free consultation if you need help deciding which system would work best for your rig.

Level 1:

This power system is perfect for keeping your small appliances and you happy while being off grid for a weekend or short trip. Our lowest priced system with 200Ah of lithium battery storage and a 2000W pure sine wave inverter charger
Level 1 is designed for small appliance draw such as:
Once Daily Cellphone and laptop charging, 12V fridge, LED lights, 12V Maxxair fan, 12v espar style heater, and other small 12v loads with monitoring of battery levels.
Perfect for less than 100AH of usage per day.


Level 2:

This power system is ideal for more regular 120v draw such as induction cooktop or microwave. Our level 2 consists of 300Ah of lithium battery storage coupled with a 3000W pure sine inverter charger.
Level 2 is designed for medium appliance use while staying off the grid.
Perfect for less than 150AH of usage per day


Level 3:

This power system is ideal for full time RV dwellers. Being able to power almost anything with 400Ah of lithium battery storage coupled with a 3000W pure sine wave inverter charger.
Level 3 is designed for regular 120v use such as hot water heaters/induction cooktops. Also capable of running 12v AC units to keep you cool on hot days.
Perfect for less than 200-225AH of usage per day.


Level Infinity:

Looking for a bigger battery bank and power system? Reach out directly so we can help identify your needs and get you dialed up with the right system. Typically when moving to 500AH+ on battery storage, or more than 3000W of AC power we recommend 24V and 48V systems on a case by case basis.